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Very few online businesses are successful, according to the latest online retail business.

The data show that more than 75% of home online businesses quit in the first six months.

Let’s see why entrepreneurs give up so quickly.

Reasons why start up businesses close their websites in first 6 months

  1. Patience
  2. Inexperienced online retail environment
  3. Lack of marketing
  4. High expectations

These are the main reasons 75% of new online businesses fail in first 6 months. Let’s dive and try explain every reason and how we can fix it.


Check out the big retailers online stores, Amazon in the first 5 years they did not amortise their investment. Their entire profit went into marketing. They re-invested all money back into store.

Now, why i consider that first 6 months are critical for any entrepreneur? Keep in mind that no one knows about your company when you start it. Only few close friends and maybe family.

Your business needs time and patience to be mature enough to be discovered by customers.

You cannot open a business and expect to compete with large corporations in traffic. They spend millions of dollars in marketing. That’s why patience is important. I can guarantee you that after 6 months, things will start to change if you have patience. Conversions will increase monthly.

2.Inexperienced online retail environment

If you have no experience in building websites or online and if you don’t have time to learn about e-commerce industry, my company is focused on this niche. We provide services for new start-ups businesses.

Do not be discouraged by the difficulty of managing a shopping website.

It’s a little intimidating, but it’s not space engineering.

You only need to learn how to take orders and pack them and send to customers. We can teach you this step and trust me, is not that hard.

If you create a website with large stock products database, things can get a bit complicated. You gonna need to learn how to add products in stocks and how to manage customers invoices.

We offer also services for hiring a full stack developer. We will teach you every important tips and tricks.

We are not a corporation, so our services are limited in terms of how many services we can offer, keep in mind that every service is provided with a person behind it. We do not copy-paste and let owners deal with it.

So, if you have no experience in online e-commerce industry you have a decent priced solutions. You do not have to overspend money for website itself.

3.Lack of marketing

The first 6 months do not require funds allocated for marketing. Instead, it requires more attention to back end development. More specifically, great attention to SEO implementation. Because it’s a new online store, SEO optimization will play an important role in increasing website traffic in the future, especially after you start investing in marketing. 

You do not expect record sales unless you invest heavily in marketing. Judging the fact that you do not plan to spend a lot of money.

Why SEO is so important?

If SEO is well implemented, will mean that every potential customer that search on google for an item, it is important that your website to be displayed on first search results. This is called organic search visitors.

I consider this more important then marketing. Those who search on google are most likely to search for products to buy, if they land on your webstore the chances to be your customers is much more higher then a marketing strategy based on advertisements. Advertisements are good for traffic, but the chance to get orders from visitors from advertisements are lower then organic search visitors.

Marketing comes hand in hand with SEO. Once marketing will bring traffic on your website, google will see that as an important factor for your website, and it will rank your website higher. More traffic — > more potential to get customers. Hope it makes sense and understand why it takes time to get orders.

You can bring traffic to your site with 0 costs. Using social networks, forums, blogers. So you do not have spend any money in first 6 months on marketing strategy.

Once you start to receive orders for your products/services you can allocate funds for marketing strategies.

I do not dive into it too much.

1.High expectations

Lower your expectations in first 6 months. Be the most sceptic and expect 0 returns in first 6 months.

If you started your business with less then 10k dollars for entire investment, do not expect to have sells in first 6 months. In first 6 months you do not have to pay much for website hosting company or for building online website.

You can start literally with cheapest webhosting package. Remember that nobody know you created a webstore, so traffic will be almost 0 in first month. It is useless to spend money on webhosting. If you have no experience  in webdesign you can call our services at

So, basically you need less then 1500$ to start the business + stock of products that you wan’t to display in webstore. Put your expectations to 0 return in first sentence. Look at traffic, if weekly traffic increase, it mean you are on track . If you want to increase and have orders fast, you gonna need to invest in payd marketing advertisements. Otherwise, have patience first 6 months, and accumulate experience. You will understand why it takes time to have customers. The most productive payd marketing is to pay influencers, bloggers, vloggers or social networks payd ads.

Best tip i can give you, is to pay attention to the traffic of visits on your website. If weekly visitors grow every week then thats a good indicator that your webstore starting to grow. More visitors –> more chances to have conversions from visits to buy orders.

You have to worry about services, make sure customers are treated like your own boss, because they pay you in the end. Make sure they are respected. Offer them a chance to give you feed back.

So, in the end, these are some generally tips for new website e-commerce businesses startups.

I wait for some feed back in the comment chat box below.


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