Important steps for a start-up of the online shopping store

To what we need to be careful when building an online business, what niche we choose for a successful website build. Can I make an e-commerce website in parallel with my actual job?

Ok, let’s see what is your niche. From my analysis in present days there is rate of success for online ecommerce website with unique products, for example: handcrafted products, handmade unique items.

Why is different then having a website store as a reseller in retail ecommerce industry?

As a reseller margin of profits are way much lower then in a niche website production of items handcrafted and unique. That will mean you gonna have less income profits, so it is harder to re-invest your profits into a good marketing strategy.

If you create a niched website, most likely you gonna make items that you enjoy make them, thats a huge advantage, mostly because you are not gonna feel like you’re doing as a job, more like a hobby. The profits will have to be much more higher in this case. More profit = more cash flow for marketing and branding.

Can i start an online website store and yet keeping my actual job?

Yes, even if you have no experience in webdesign, but still you need to put some time into it.

You can hire a full stack developer to build the platform for e-commerce website. In fact, i do not recommend anyone to leave his job to start a website from scratch. Mostly, because it takes a huge time to have traffic, and to brand your business. Keep in mind that your website will be starting from last website build in that period, that place your website in google search results as last one. To increase rank it takes a lot of time.

Important steps for a startup online business website

  1. Establish a minimum budget
  2. Keep the website design simple, user friendly, easy to use
  3. Arm yourself with a lot of patience
  4. Don’t put return expectations too high, depending of budget allocation
  5. Allocate as much as you can some time for your business to understand it
  6. Analyse yourself the market, competition, keywords for SEO
  7. If you have already a job, don’t quit, let website to mature itself for at least 6 months
  8. Do not overspend your budget in marketing at begining
  9. You can share your website on social networks and groups with 0 cost
  10. Analyse your visitors with help from Google Analytics

Every step have it’s importance. Regarding budget i made an article for how much money you can start an online website store.

How much time to invest for building e-commerce website store

So, therefore, if you have already a fixed job, you do not have to quit your job, you can start website with low amount of money and less time consuming. Let your website mature itself. Branding for a business can take years.

Also, important what is your niche about, i cannot make a prediction of how much time will take to have a high amount of products sales. Keeping a website clean and easy for customers to navigate through different categories. Intuitive design, one page checkout, etc.

Not only your website’s price will be lower with a clean look, but also if you do not overdesign and make tens of banners will load much faster, which is THE MOST important step in building an website store according to google analytics.

Final thoughts,

Try find a niche products sells, or services. Is important to find a niche that you enjoy doing it. Arm up yourself with patience, give it at least 1 year for creating the brand and visitors traffic and I assure you gonna have a successful business website.


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