What is the cost to build online store for business

Prices may vary from one business to another, a complex website may cost a lot. If the entrepreneur who wants to open his online business and has no knowledge of web development can give a bigger amount to hire a developer to set up the foundation of the business.

Estimated costs for creating an online shopping store

  • Domain registration ~ $10/ year
  • Web Hosting ~ $40 in first year for shared hosting package, later will be upgraded when traffic increase

These are mandatory yearly costs

  • Website build

Now, i splitted website build in 3 categories:

  1. For entrepreneurs who have no knowledge about online e-commerce industry
  2. For entrepreneurs who have experience with online sales on webstore ecommerce websites (they have knowledge how to add products, how to release invoices, how to take over orders)
  3. For businesses with complex requests to build websites based on multi vendor marketplaces.

1. If you have no knowledge regarding e-commerce online store

I highly recommend to hire a specialist part-time. You can learn by yourself how to build a website, but it will take very long time to learn. You have to learn some basic php, css, javascript, bootstrap, ruby programming languages, then you need to be able to fix errors, especially critical errors which can make your website unfunctional. It is do-able, can be easy, depending a lot of complexity. Hiring a full stack developer part-time job may vary from case to case. If you hired him from local residence zone close to your business location, can vary from country to country, in U.S you can pay somewhere around 4k dollars/month for a 4h job/day. To hire online full stack developer costs can be cheaper, also you have to make sure you can get in contact with developer directly, not through tickets opening, but to talk with him on phone or any talking app. There are some good developers and offer good prices and prices can vary from $500 to $5.000 /month

2. For entrepreneurs who have experience in e-commerce sales.

Costs can be reduced, you can choose from a variety of options. If your business is based on large scale of products stocks, i recommend using Opencart platform. Costs can vary from a few hundred dollars to 2k dollars. If webshop is complex that amount increase. On my-business-website.com we charge arround $990, plus, we offer 2 hours of live teaching for entrepreneurs who have no experience in Opencart online sales. If your business have less products to display, especially for products unique or handmake products, i recommend WooCommerce/Wordpress. For WooCommerce websites, costs can be a little bit lower, but adding new features to website can be accounted as additional costs. There are automatic setups that create your website, i cannot recommend them. If you have errors or troubles with those templates, you will have to open tickets to company that sold you the template to repair any errors, customers won’t wait for you to get problems solved, so website will most likely suffer. Better ask here for any advice in the section below, and i will give you some advices. A good website build customized should be between $200-$2.000 depending on complexity and customization.

3. For businesses with complex websites ex. multi vendor marketplaces websites

Especially if entrepreneurs who have no knowledge about online web development, they have to hire at least 2 developers full time job. That only will cost them a monthly salary jobs up to $10.000 If the business owner have some experience in his branch, they can hire part time developers for less then $5.000

Final cost to build online store e-commerce

  1. Domain registration = ~ $10 /year
  2. Shared Web hosting = ~$40 first year
  3. Opencart website for large stock products = ~ $1.000
  4. Complex website customization = ~ $5.000
  5. Additional budget for different modules and unseen costs is recommended.

Total cost to build online store = ~$ 1050 for a Opencart website For inexperienced entrepreneurs i highly recommend them to hire a developer. It can cover website creation, because they can build website in the time they are hired. So, costs should not pass $1500-2.500/month. Highly recommend to new start up entrepreneurs:

  • Commitment to manage entire business
  • Patience (at least in first year) until the website increase traffic and sales can be disappointing in first 6 months.

Final thoughts regarding e-commerce websites builds

These costs are estimated, depending with who you are working. Also in these costs are not included marketing costs. But those can be free if you are good manager. I also not included of course costs with products from your stock you are working with. You can use multiple free social platforms to share content of your website. Be active on forums/social networks/blogs. It will create many backlinks to your website, which is highly recommended from SEO perspective. Also you can pay for advertisements for increasing traffic to your website. Therefore, i cannot give you an fix price cost to build your online business. If you have time to spend in learning, costs can be reduced to under 50$ /month. Or if you hire a full stack developer for part time job, costs can increase to $1500 monthly, you have to worry only about marketing, the rest is in developers job to make a functional and user friendly website. I Hope now you have some idea for how much you gonna spend. Choose wisely with who you gonna work, and you need at least first 6 months of patience, until your website shopping site will become transited by potential customers. Make  sure your service for customers is best, and feedback is positive. Leave a comment below if you wan’t to ask me anything!


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