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Flavius Nef – CEO


I started this project after I gained my IT experience for almost 25 years.
In the last decade i have been working in programming languages ​​used in the web developement industry.

Location and program

We are located in European Union/ Romania

Since this is not an automatic template design website, our program is NOT 24/24h, but we offer emergency service 24/24h for issues that require an fast action.

We’ll try extend program in the future.

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I’ve decided to offer web development services and guide this project to people who want to start an online business but who have no knowledge in the e-commerce industry and they might be intimidated by the high costs and the difficulty of progressing in an environment totally unknown for many entrepreneurs.

The company’s philosophy is to create websites that will be successful in the future. We rely heavily on the recommendations of our clients who have worked with us and are successful.
So, number one priority is that the end product to be successful in the future.

(Webdesign, frontend and backend)

Unlike large corporations offering webdesign services, we do not work with automated design templates.
We rely heavily on the relationship between our customers and us.
That’s why it’s critical to give us as much detail as possible about your business to personalize your website as much as possible.
Also, unique pictures provided by you, are first step to create unique pages.

We have limited power to work, so some services will be unavailable.

Competition between our customers

We will never accept working with a company that is in direct competition with a former company for which we have provided services.

The future website services

We hope that in the near future we can offer web hosting and marketing services. In fact, our website is hosted on a private webserver.

Design and functionality of the commerce websites

Our priority is to create sites that are as easy to use as both back end and front end.
We are trying to create sites that are as easy to use as visitors.
At the same time, we also focus on the irreproachable functionality of the e-commerce website.
After the latest data provided by Google, visitors do not spend much time on shopping sites.
But there has been more growth in small businesses that offer unique products.

Finally, if you want to get in touch with us, you’ll find us on live chat, by opening tickets or by email us.

Flavius Nef

Flavius Nef



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